A Day in the Life at Shaw and Shaw: Advocating for Justice & Making a Difference

I walk into the office at Shaw and Shaw each day feeling excited about the work ahead. If you ever wondered what a day at a law firm specializing in personal injury, business law, criminal cases, among others, looks like, put on your lawyer’s hat and join me on this journey.

Early Morning: Gathering thoughts

I always start my day by reviewing the list of cases ahead, primarily focusing on crucial details that could change the outcome. As a personal injury lawyer today, I’m preparing for a car accident case in Buffalo, NY, demanding justice for a victim. The Western New York region certainly keeps us busy with these cases.

Mid-morning often involves drafting documents or making phone calls to clients, explaining updates on their cases. We understand how crucial our roles as attorneys are in ensuring that justice is served appropriately, especially when it involves severe accidents or criminal cases.

Lunch Time: Brief Respite

We often grab a quick lunch and sometimes discuss intriguing DWI legal services we offer. The impact of such cases on people’s lives in Hamburg, NY, can be overwhelming, but we focus on providing the best legal aid.

The afternoon usually brings diverse challenges. If I’m not working as a business attorney, helping local corporations understand the nuances of corporate law, I could be defending someone in a criminal case.

Evening: Wrapping Up

My day concludes with filing reports or records of all the cases handled throughout the day. The preparation for the following day then begins, to continue our commitment to providing top-tier legal services to people in Western New York and Buffalo, NY.

Being a part of Shaw and Shaw is more than just a job – it’s a mission to make a difference in people’s lives, fight for their rights, and ensure justice is served. Here, we don’t just provide legal services, we truly care about our clients.