“Baked Goods” at The Cake House Vista

If you’re feeling a bit peckish and out for something a bit more…herbaceous…then The Cake House Vista is the destination for you. This is not another mundane bakery with just multi-layered chocolate tortes. No, no! This is where the brownie meets the bullion, the cupcake meets cannabis, and the éclair meets…well, you get the jest.

Not Your Average Grass-Fed Bakery

Need a bit of medical assistance? The Cake House Vista doubles as the go-to Cannabis Dispensary in Vista, CA, and has you covered. With qualified personnel, we can guide you through an assortment of medicinal benefits from our stock. From Oceanside to Carlsbad, Escondido, Bonsall and San Marcos, we’re spreading the joy. You can even say, we’re on a “roll”.

Smile, There’s Weed Cake!

And, before you ask, yes, we have weed cake. There’s nothing clandestine about it. Our attitude is – why hide the weed when you can frost it? So whether you’re in for the tantalizing marijuana store experience, the medicinal greens, or simply to grab a weed cake and a giggle, your dispensary near you is here to welcome you. Come, join the high spirits at The Cake House Vista!